Our software solution MES made by MKW can be used in different expansion stages: From the stand-alone solution for a single plant to the company-wide MES implementation.

The starter kit for a work center is often implemented as an island solution. This means that the software can be used completely with only one computer. This is also used for evaluation purposes before a rollout.

Comparable to our stand-alone solution offering, a department of a company can be equipped with our solution. With this variant, the coupling to higher-level systems is often omitted. This makes it possible to start directly “out of the box”. This is also used in the event of a changeover from ERP systems to maintain the flow of information.

In this solution, the gateways provide the optimal basis. This is because the collected information can also provide other software packages with perfect data. The data are easily collected and can be used in a variety of ways. As a data provider for customers, suppliers or parent companies - with all details of your own operations.

All locations, which can also be worldwide, use the same solution. This means you have the same level of information at all workstations and can provide key figures perfectly on the same data basis.