Work centers where, for example, a final inspection is carried out by the worker or manual workstations, usually require additional sensors for piece counting in order to be integrated into the MES suite. In older machines, or occasionally even in in some standard machines, the appropriate interfaces for a direct integration of the signals required by the MES suite are missing in the control system. This gap is closed by the MES-Combox. This is a switchgear combination for the integration of signals for piece counting (OK-/NOK-counting) into the MES-Suite. The MES-Combox can garher signals from external sensors (e.g. photoelectric sensors or scales) or signals from existing plant controls and make them available to the MES-Suite. For this purpose, the MES-Combox has 29 digital inputs and 10 relay outputs. The integration of this data into the is done via the MES-Suite.

If only two external sensors are required at a manual workstation, the MK|Workstation is already sufficient to integrate these signals.